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Request for Replacement or Reinstallation of a State Maintained Road Sign

Davidson County Road Sign Maintenance (Green bladed name signs)

Street SignDavidson County 9-1-1 is responsible for maintaining the signs that indicate road names for all roads within the county that are not within an incorporated town and have a state road number. These signs are easily recognizable by the State Route (SR) number located on the left side of the sign under the directional arrow. Davidson County will replace or reset any sign for a road that has an assigned SR number that is missing, damaged, on the ground, or leaning badly.

Private Roads fall under a different category. Davidson County will not replace or reset any private road sign. These signs are the responsibility of the property owners along the road, or the developer in subdivisions. Davidson County will make and erect the sign with a fee. Private Road signs range in price from $49.54 - $75.66. Please call (336) 242-2132 to inquire on purchasing a private road sign.

Regulatory signs, like the four shown below, should be reported to the State Department of Transportation by calling (336) 896-2400.

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