Animal Shelter

 Importance of Fostering


Foster homes are an important part of our success in saving and adopting out as many animals as we possibly can. As a foster home you would provide a loving, stable environment for a shelter dog or cat, exposing them to various situations. The shelter environment causes enormous stress for puppies and kittens and this is why foster parents are so crucial in saving their lives. Please consider taking a shelter furbaby into your home. Often times, people who are not able or ready to provide a "forever" home by adopting, find incredible gratification by fostering a dog/cat for two to six weeks. Our foster homes must go through an approval process: submitted application, reference check, veterinarian reference check, etc. If you would like to consider fostering, please come by the shelter to fill out a foster application. 

Fostering is a very challenging but rewarding experience. Knowing that you have helped a young animal grow healthy and find a new home is a wonderful feeling. As a county facility, we accept ALL animals from Davidson County. This means that sick animals are often brought into our facility. Though we do vaccinate our animals, there is always the risk that foster animals could be carrying an illness. It is a possibility that foster animals may become sick and even die in your care, due to no fault of your own. Please take time to speak with your family and members of your household about this and to prepare your hearts and homes for all possibilities, positive and negative, of this volunteer experience.