Animal Shelter

 Reclaiming an Animal

If you are missing an animal and it has been picked up by Animal Control or brought in by the public to the Davidson County Animal Shelter you must come during business hours and identify your animal. 
The pet owner is the only person that can reclaim their animal. We cannot release the animal to a neighbor, relative, friend, or coworker.
Requirements to Reclaim an Animal
- Valid ID showing your current address. If your ID is not updated you must bring proof of your current address (bill, vehicle registration, etc)
- Must be at least 18 years old  
- Proof of Ownership (multiple photos, rabies certificate, veterinary records)
- Proof of Rabies Vaccination (Paper certificate, a rabies vaccine Tag is not enough). If your animal is not currently vaccinated for rabies it must receive a rabies vaccine from us before reclaiming.
Fees for reclaiming your animal are as follow:
- Reclaiming Fee - $25
- Daily Boarding Fee - $5 per day
- Rabies Vaccine (If not up to date) - $10
- Microchip - $10
- Intake Vaccines - $10 (Distempter, Bordetella, Dewormer, Flea & Tick Control)
Fees for reclaiming an animal in Rabies Quarantine:
- Daily Rabies Fee - $9 per day
- Rabies Vaccine - $10
- Microchip -  $10
- Intake Vaccines - $10 (Distempter, Bordetella, Dewormer, Flea & Tick Control
Total for a 10 day Quarantine: $120