Social Services

 Adult Services Overview

  If you believe an elderly or disabled adult is being abused, neglected, or exploited you can make a report 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  During regular work hours call (336) 242-2500 to share your concerns.  At other times, call (336) 249-0131 and ask to speak to the On-call Social Worker. Reports of suspected abuse, neglect or exploitation are evaluated and when needed, services to prevent reoccurrence of problems are provided. Go to Adult Protective Services for additional information.
Single adults and families without minor children in the home must generally meet different eligibility criteria for assistance than families that include minor children. Click these links for information on Food and Nutrition Services and Adult Medical Assistance.
Social Services is committed to being an advocate for the elderly and disabled population by providing timely, quality services and protecting those who have been abused, neglected or exploited. Our goal is to ensure that all people of Davidson County receive quality assistance and services that will help them, when possible, gain a more meaningful and independent life, and to provide these services in the most timely and efficient way. 


DSS advocates for and provides services to old adults and disabled persons 18 years of age and older.  Emphasis is on preserving their dignity, enhancing their independence, and assuring them an optimum level of physical and emotional wellbeing.
The decision that a person can no longer remain in their current living arrangement is very difficult for everyone involved.  DSS performs two services in this area .  First, assistance is provided to adult and families with finding appropriate living and healthcare arrangements when care can no longer be maintained at home.  Part of this also includes help in returning home or to more independent living arrangements.
Second,  DSS works with the NC Division of Facility Services to license and monitor the facilities in Davidson County that serve this population.  This includes receiving and evaluating complaints made by or on behalf of residents.  To make a complaint about an adult residential facility, call the Davidson Co. DSS Adult Home Specialist at (336) 242-2500 or the NC Facility Complaint line 1-800-624-3004.
Click this link for more information on Living & Healthcare Arrangements.
Providing limited home management  and respite services to disabled and elderly adults, families, and children who are unable to perform these tasks themselves.
Social Workers assess and evaluate each adult to develop and implement a service plan to meet the needs.  This can include locating and contacting other providers as well as coordinating and monitoring the delivery of services.
Organized services are provided during the day in a community group setting for helping individuals improve their self-reliance and delay or avoid placement in a long-term care facility.  Family members benefit as the program allows them to continue to work or provide full -time caregivers with respite time. 
DSS works with The Life Center of Davidson Co. to provide this service in our county.
This service is provided to individuals who are alleged to be incompetent and to individuals who have been declared incompetent by the court and need a guardian.

Services may include:
*Assessing the need for guardianship.
*Locating appropriate persons to serve as guardians.
*Assisting families through the guardianship process

Click this link for more about Guardianship.
Sometimes an adult is not quite able to take care of themselves, but really wants to stay at home.  If this person is eligible for full-coverage Medicaid, they may be eligible for financial assistance for appropriate services that will maintain their health, safety, and well-being while allowing them to remain in their home.

The NC Division of Services for the Blind is a state agency that provides a wide variety of assistance with daily living skills and other services to help people better cope and adapt to their loss of vision as well as maintain their independence and enhance their quality of life. One of their social workers is housed at Davidson County Social Services.

Visually impaired individuals are assisted with eye certification, adjustment and self-support, orientation and mobility training, resource and referral, and counseling services to ensure total integration into environment and community. These services are provided at no charge to eligible individuals.

Contact the Social Worker for the Blind (336) 474-2709.  If no answer, please leave a message.