Training Resources

Specific Training to Advance Your Career
Individuals are helped with their lifelong learning skills to master changes in information, knowledge, work and learning. Supporting DavidsonWorks in these efforts is an ongoing collaboration of educators, workers, employers, economic development leaders and others. Together, we create an education and training system in Davidson County that is responsive to individuals. DavidsonWorks invests in education and training for workers because we know businesses need highly skilled and qualified workers on an ongoing basis.  We also realize that having a skilled base of qualified job seekers ready to work helps keep Davidson County businesses thriving.  A highly skilled workforce also attracts new business seeking relocation to Davidson County and increases local economy investment.
Because we know hiring and training a new employee is an investment of time and money for business, DavidsonWorks Individual Training Scholarship program is one more way to help area businesses with the task of having a labor pool of highly skilled and trained workers ready for hire.
We help eligible candidates go to school or get the training they need to be a qualified worker.
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DavidsonWorks is an equal opportunity employer/program. Funding provided by a Federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Grant.