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The mission of the Davidson County Health Department is to asses, protect, and promote the quality of life for all people within Davidson County. Davidson County Health Department delivers services devoted to excellence, maintaining standards of professionalism and integrity while enhancing the well being of our community.

Davidson County Health Department leads the community through collaboration and partnerships to identify and reduce health risks which result in healthy lifestyles, to provide healthy and safe environments, and assure access to quality health care.
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The Davidson County Stop Prescription Abuse Now Coalition (DCSPAN) is one of the Sponsors for this Community-wide event.

Please note that this is scheduled for Monday, November 3rd and an RSVPis requested due to space.


Kaitlyn was a hard-working 16 year old. She had been active in sports, soccer, and competition cheerleading. She held a job and maintained an “A” average. She had a great personality and to know her was to love her. She had a big heart for people. During cheerleading practice when Kaitlyn was in 8th grade, she tore her ACL. After surgery, she was prescribed pain medicine.

After Kaitlyn recovered, she tried to go back to cheering, but couldn't get her knee to work the same as it used to. She was left without any sports or activities. She felt left out during her recovery and lost connection with her friends. It is very hard when you are in middle school and your whole world gets turned upside down, especially when you have to find new friends.
Kaitlyn struggled with prescription addiction for 2 years. The first year we had no idea. The signs were there, but the last thing a parent wants to do is admit their own child is dealing with drug abuse! In 2010, things had gotten out of control. I was being called to pick her up from the police department, which became a normal thing for us. I can't tell you how many times I begged for help! I ended up charging my daughter with assault. As bad as I felt, I took a deep breath and thought that everything was going to be ok. Finally!

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