Human Resources

 Vacancy Details

Title Public Health Nurse II
Position Number 05014-02-19-10-441
Department Health
Minimum Starting Pay Grade 71     $50,551.03
Closing Date & Status Closing Date: O-U-F    Status - Closed
Type Full-Time with Benefits
Location Davidson County Health Department
This position is responsible for improving birth outcomes in the Medicaid population. The employee works directly with these women to address social and medical needs that could adversely affect their pregnancy. Collaboration with medical providers and other agencies provides a team approach to identify and meet the needs of pregnant women, to remove barriers to service and to prevent family dysfunction that often leads to major problems such as high risk pregnancies and child abuse and neglect. Work is performed under the supervision of the PHN Supervisor I. Provides follow up and monitoring to ensure that the treatment plan has a positive impact on the client. Monitoring is required to ensure that the treatment plan has a positive impact on the client. Close monitoring may lead to changes in the initial plan as the care manager helps the client adjust to changes in the environment, family and medical situation. The initial assessment aids the care manager in determining the client/family service needs which might include psychosocial, nutritional, medical, education and financial factors. Skills in coordination and referral are required in order to assist the client in arranging for appropriate services and to ensure continuity of care. Educates and informs the client of needed services and strategies for accessing necessary resources. Educates client in preparation for childbirth and parenting. Encourages families to participate in care coordination services to secure the best possible health and development outcomes. Assess and evaluate the following high risk conditions: hypertension, preeclampsia, diabetes, suspected fetal growth retardation. Administer 17p weekly to clients placed on bed rest that are unable to go to the OB provider. Home visit postpartum clients to provide assessment and teaching after the birth of a newborn. Make referrals as needed Obtain the delivery information from the local hospitals.
Education & Experience
Graduation from a four-year college or university with a B.S. Degree in Nursing which includes a Public Health Nursing rotation and one year of nursing experience; or graduation from an accredited school of professional nursing and two years of nursing experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience. For RN's who graduate from as associate degree program or diploma program, the individual must also attend the "Introduction to Principles and Practices of Public Health and Public Health Nursing" course. Experience in techniques of community organization, casework and group work are needed in this position to enable the employee to interact with the outreach and Maternal-Child Health team and network with other community agencies, physicians and hospitals. Licenses and Certifications: Valid North Carolina Nursing License. Current license to practice as a registered nurse in North Carolina by the North Carolina Board of Nursing.
Special Requirements
Considerable knowledge of and skills in the application of social work theories, principles, practice and techniques employed in the provision of care within medical and preventive models. Considerable knowledge of available community resources. Ability to plan and coordinate, to deal tactfully with others and to exercise good judgment in appraising situations and making decisions. Ability to be flexible and to work as a team player. Good verbal and written communication skills. Must have excellent listening skills and considerable knowledge of maternity and child development issues.
Physical Requirements
Work settings include Health Department, hospitals, pregnancy medical homes, referral/resource agencies and clients' homes. Variety of home environments. Clients in low-income and high crime neighborhoods may be hostile. The employee is exposed to regular traffic hazards and adverse weather conditions. Bending, stooping, lifting, long periods of time at a computer. Must closely observe non-verbal behavior to give clues to problem areas. Close visual attention is required in all phases of client/home assessment. Paperwork requires close visual and mental attention to assure reimbursement. This position has activities which expose the nurse to blood and body fluids. Must be flexible due to the variety of services provided and the diverse patients served.