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Davidson County
Juvenile Crime Prevention Council
Post Office Box 1067
Lexington, North Carolina  27293
(336) 242-2200

North Carolina Department of Public Safety
Division of Juvenile Justice
Juvenile Crime Prevention Council of Davidson County


Juvenile Crime Prevention Councils (JCPCs) are the foundation for North Carolina’s comprehensive strategy to prevent and reduce juvenile delinquency and crime. JCPC's are responsible for planning and developing strategies to address and prevent juvenile delinquency at the County level in partnership with the State so that there is coordination with statewide resources, priorities, and objectives. JCPC's are responsible for developing a local continuum of needed sanctions and services to address the issues of delinquent juveniles, those juveniles most likely to become delinquent, and their families.

The North Carolina Department of Public Safety Division of Juvenile Justice partners with Juvenile Crime Prevention Councils in each county to encourage community leaders, locally and statewide, to reduce and prevent juvenile crime. JCPC board members are appointed by the county Board of Commissioners and meet at least bi-monthly in each county. The meetings are open to the public, and all business is considered public information.

In order for a county to be eligible to receive  funding available for delinquency intervention and prevention programs, the county Board of Commissioners must appoint a Juvenile Crime Prevention Council. The positions in the council membership are defined by the NC General Statutes. The statute allows for some of the membership positions to designate a representative from their agency to serve on the Council.

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