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 Boones Cave Park General Information

Boone's Cave Park
3552 Boone's Cave Road
Lexington, NC 27295
Boone's Cave Park is located in western Davidson County.  The park is 100 acres and offers hiking trails through a secluded rolling forest of mixed hardwoods reminiscent of the North Carolina Mountains.  Forty-six acres of the park are designated as a Natural Heritage Site and are host to a number of wildflowers normally only found in the Appalachian Mountains.
The park has a picnic shelter with a great view of the Yadkin River.  New steps provide access to the Yadkin River for fishing and canoing.
As you hike along the trails be on the lookout for one of nearly fifty native wildflowers.
Be sure to bring your binoculars to catch a glimpse of our spring and fall migrant birds.
Boone's Cave Park is also home to all types of wildlife; Squirrels, Raccoons, Deer, Wild Turkey, Reptiles, and Amphibians.
North Carolinas' prized Eastern Cottonwood tree 169 feet tall, and the trunk is 16 feet around, and the canopy is 109 feet wide. The Cottonwood tree is located along the shore of the Yadkin River.
The replica cabin is not available at this time to visit. 
There is a canoe/kayak access trail from the parking lot to river, to make easier to launch or carry out from the river. Please note that Boone's Cave Park is only an access point for kayaks and canoes.  We are not an outfitter, and do not offer a shuttle service.  We do not rent kayaks, canoes, or PFD's.  If you are going to leave a vehicle at the park while kayaking or canoing, you must get a parking pass and park in the designated area.  Please talk to park staff before you unload your supplies.
Park Hours: New Hours Starting July 1, 2016
Sunday through Saturday:
May 1 - September 18            8:00 am to 8:00 pm
September 19 - October 31    8:00 am to 7:00 pm
November 1 - April 30             9:00 am to 5:00 pm 
Boone's Cave Park will be closed on following dates for Holidays:
New Year's Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day
For more information about the park please contact Park Ranger Sheila Zuccaro at 336-752-2322 or Davidson County Parks and Recreation Department at 336-242-2285.
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 Boone's Cave Park:
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Prescribed Burning at Boone's Cave Park: 
 Prescribed Burn at Boone's CavePrescribed Burn at Boone's Cave
 Prescribed Burn at Boone's Cave