Procurement Card Administrator

Procurement Card Administrator
To aid departments with small dollar purchases and enforcement of policies and procedures.
Procurement Card Process
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Davidson County has initiated a purchasing card program through NewBridge Bank using Visa cards. This program is administered under the Purchasing Director. These cards operate in a manner similar to a credit card. Department Heads determine who will be given a purchasing card in their respective departments. The Department Head determines maximum spending limits with approval from the Purchasing Director and the Finance Officer. Each employee that receives a purchasing card signs a document to the effect that they understand the rules and limitations of the card and agree to it. Purchasing logs are kept by each cardholder and approved by the Department Head or supervisor. Proper documentation supporting each purchase is attached to the log. Each department is responsible for matching the monthly purchases to the monthly statement received from the bank. The monthly statements along with the purchasing logs are brought to the Finance office where they are reviewed by a staff accountant for compliance and proper documentation. Policy violations are reported to the Purchasing Director for action. The Assistant Finance Officer will prepare a journal entry to record the purchasing card purchases to the various departments. NewBridge Bank drafts the general fund checking account for each department’s monthly purchases based on the monthly statement. Non-travel purchases using the purchasing card are limited to $499.99. Monthly purchases are also limited to the maximum spending limits that have been set up for each cardholder. Any purchases made without the use of the purchasing card are subject to normal purchasing rules and limitations.

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