Register of Deeds

 Marriage License Requirements

Marriage License Requirements

=         Applicants over 18 years of age must present a government issued picture ID, driver's license, passport, or military ID.

=         Both parties will need to be present when applying for the marriage license if possible.

=         All applicants must provide Social Security numbers or sign a notarized affidavit that states "I have not not been issued a social security number by the US government, and I am not eligible to obtain one." If you have never been issued a Social Security number from the United States, you will need to provide two forms of government issued ID.

=         Applicants who are 16-17 years old must have consent from parent with full custody or both parents with joint custody or a person, agency or institution having legal custody or serving as legal guardian of the applicant. Documentation of custody, if applicable, must be presented at the time of application. They will also need a certified copy of their birth certificate.

=         Applicants who are 14-15 years old must present a certified copy of a court order issued by a district court judge authorizing the marriage.

=         Divorced Applicants. If one or both applicants are divorced, the month and year of the final divorce decree of the last divorce must be listed on the marriage worksheet. Copies of the decree are not required. If unsure of date, please contact the Clerk of Court in the county where the divorce was processed.


General Marriage Information


= Marriage License application fee is $60.00 (Cash or local check).

=     Appliicants have the option of pre-paying an additional $10.00 for a certified copy of your license to be mailed to you after the wedding.  This can be used to have a name changed at Social Security and DMV.

=    Two witnesses are required for all marriage ceremonies.

=    Marriages may be performed by an ordained minister of any religious denomination, a minister authorized by a church, a magistrate, or a federally or state recognized Indian Nation or tribe. There is no licensing or registration of someone to perform a marriage. Whether someone is “ordained” or “authorized” is a matter of their status with their religious organizations. We have no way of confirming whether someone meets any of these criteria.


Online Marriage License Application

Applicants who wish to complete their information online prior to coming into the office can do so at Once you submit your information online, both applicants will need to come into our office at 203 West Second Street, Lexington, NC to complete the application process.


Magistrate Contact Information

336-242-6895 Civil (By appointment only)

336-242-6717 Criminal