Register of Deeds

 Plats And Maps

Plats & Maps

The procedure for recording plats and maps is governed by G.S. 47-30 of the North
Carolina statutes.

Requirements for recording plats:

- Davidson County accepts only 18" x 24" plats.
- All plats must contain either:
Certificate signed by a duly appointed Review Officer
Certificate signed by the surveyor stating one of the following:

1.  That the survey is of an existing parcel or parcels of land and does not create a new street or change an existing street.
2.  That the survey is of an existing building or other structure, or natural feature such as a watercourse.
3.  That the survey is a control survey.
4.  There must be indication that the plat is a municipal boundary or municipal annexation; highway right-of-way map; or transportation corridor map.

- Plats will be returned to the company or individual indicated on the plat.
- Plats prepared by a deceased surveyor must be certified by the Review Officer before being presented for recording.
- Fee for recording all plats is $21 per page.

Maps attached to deeds or other instruments:
- Must be no larger than 8 1/2" x 14"
- Must contain the signature of a duly appointed Review Officer, or
- Must contain the following disclaimer:  "This map is not a certified survey and has not been reviewed by a local government agency for compliance with any applicable land development reglations."

Fee for recording a map as an attachment is the same as the additional page fee for any recorded document.