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Davidson County Register of Deeds
PO Box 464
Lexington, NC 27293

Physical Address:
203 W 2nd Street
Lexington, NC 27292

Real Estate Records

Using Davidson County's On-Line Search

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The Davidson County Register of Deeds has indexed real estate documents according to the NCAP
Minimum Standards for Indexing effective January, 1995.

The indexing standards may be accessed on-line through the Land Records Management Program at
NC Secretary of State:

2008 Recording Changes

Available on this system:
Real Estate index data from January 1, 1987 to current
Search by : Name - Book/Page - Instrument Number - Subdivision
Limit search by date range and/or document type
Search real estate documents & plats

Use these simples search rules for accurate results

Human Name Search:
1.  Do not use any punctuation.
     Ex:  Search O'Riley as ORILEY
2.  Only hyphenated surnames are recognized as compound surnames.  Replace
     hyphen with a space in compound surnames.
     Ex:  Search Lisa Smith-Everhart as SMITH EVERHART, Jane
3.  Do not use spaces in any other surnames.
     Ex:  Search Jake Van Cott as VANCOTT, Jake
4.  Designated status appears at the end of given name.
     Ex:  Search John Leonard, Trustee as LEONARD, JOHN TR
5.  Given names Charles, Robert, Thomas & William may be abbreviated to Chas,
     Robt, Thos & Wm from 1986-93.

Non-Human or Business Names:
1.  Do not use any punctuation.
     Ex:  Search Betty's Flower Company as BETTYS FLOWER COMPANY
2.  Drop "The" when it is the first word of a non-human name.
3.  Substitute a space for the hyphen or slash.
     Ex:  Search Home-Land Realty as HOME LAND REALTY
4.  Close up all single letters or characters.
     Ex:  Search A T & T as AT&T
5.  UNLESS the ampersand is not preceded AND followed by single characters.
     Ex:  Search 9 & co as 9 & CO

The following words will always be abbreviated unless the word is the first word of a non-human

And                                          &
Associate(s)                          ASSOC
Association                           ASSN
Company(y)(ies)                  CO
Corporation                           CORP
Department                           DEPT
Incorporated                          INC
Limited                                    LTD
Partnership(s)                       PTNRP

Look for government agencies under:
USA, US, NC, Davidson County, Lexington or jurisdiction listed first.

Banks, churches, lodges and railroads appear under the first letter of the actual name.

Book/Page or Instrument Number Search:
Be sure to specify Book type and Number of records to be searched.  All documents
have a unique instrument number which is a 10-digit number beginning with
the year the instrument was recorded:
Ex:  200200001

Miscellaneous Search:
Allows search by:
1.  Document Type
2.  "Subdivision name" or "Property description"
3.  Date range can also be specified for all searches.
Ex:  Forest Park
Ex:  15 Acres

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