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 Agriculture and Conservation Farm Tours

Annual Agricultural and Conservation Farm Tours
The District sponsors a field crop and conservation farm tour covering information on current research and agricultural inovations that are taking place within the County.  The annual Agriculture Conservation Farm Tour was hosted jointly with the Davidson Soil & Water Conservation District, USDA-NRCS, and Davidson County Cooperative Extension Service.  Sponsors Carolina Farm Credit and Davidson County Farm Bureau assisted with financial support to help make the tours possible. 
2017 Agricultural and Conservation Farm Tour
The 2017 Farm Tour was held Thursday August 17th.  Approximately 50 citizens traveled with us to several sites of interest within the County to view and learn about the latest agricultural innovations and farming practices within different areas on various soil and site conditions.  The tour began and ended at the Davidson County Agriculture Center.
This year's participants included Davidson County Commissioners Fred McClure, Steve Jarvis;  HR Director Kathy Cashion;  Safely Director Slade Cole;  and Nancy Mazza, Regional Director of Constituent Advocacy that represented Senator Thom Tillis Office.  Other participants included farmers and citizens from across the County. 
Our first stop was at Jerry Hilton's Farm, where the group observed warm season grasses and beef cattle forage.  Jason Smith, a biologist with the NC Wildlife Resources Commission, discussed the benefits of native warm season grasses in North Carolina for grazing and haying.  He stated these grasses are well adapted to our soils and climate with excellent drought tolerance, high yields and require minimal fertilizer and lime inputs.  When managed appropriately, native warm season grasses provides excellent forage during the summer months.  
We visited The Old Homeplace Vineyard which is a new and emerging farm and vineyard located on Thom-a-Lex Lake. The owner discussed the different types of grapes they are growing in their vineyards and their plans for expanding their operations. We viewed a corn test plot on Casey Tarleton's Farm and learn about their new direction for corn production. The group traveled to Piney Grove Farm where they observed multi-species cover crops. The NC Mobile Soils Classroom was set up on the farm and the group learned about soil health and viewed monoliths of North Carolina soils.  
We traveled to Sink's Farm Equipment, Davidson County's Agriculture Business, and learned about the history of the family owned business and their operations. The group was given a tour of the facility and viewed farming equipment that is available for the latest agricultural and farming practices.  A delicious buffet was served at Yarborough's Restaurant.  
Thank you to our sponsors Carolina Farm Credit and Davidson County Farm Bureau for their financial support in making this tour possible.  We are also extending a special thank you to all of the farm participants for allowing us the opportunity to visit their farms.
        Jerry Hiltons Warm Season Grass and Beef Cattle Forage
           Presentation at The Homeplace Vineyard
      Corn Test Plot and Demonstration on Casey Tarletons Farm