Soil and Water

 Conservation Education

The Davidson Soil and Water Conservation District offers a Conservation Education Program that is designed to provide current conservation information to learners of any age. This program includes classroom presentations in schools, field days, farm tours, Sixth Grade Poster and Essay Contest, presentations to civic and other groups, training students for the North Carolina Envirothon, farm pond clinics, information meetings, quarterly newsletters, Project Food, Land, and People, and various other educational activities. 
Presentations can be tailored to your groups specific need or interest. Each activity is geared for the specific age range of the group. The District Staff works to be as flexible as possible to provide conservation information in an enjoyable, interesting, and informative manner. Topics for presentations have included basic information on soil and water, land use issues, water conservation, wildlife habitat improvement, backyard conservation measures, wildflower establishment, and many other issues that relate to natural resource conservation.
To schedule your group for a conservation education activity contact any member of the District Staff.
Education and Information
Activities and materials are provided on topics related to natural resource conservation issues. This includes classroom presentations, presentations to civic groups, educational materials, soils interpretations, aerial photography, etc.
Presentations on Soil and Water Conservation
Presentations are made upon request to any group interested in natural resources conservation improvement. Programs are adapted for each group.
Contest for teams of middle and high school students covering the areas of aquatics, current environmental issues, forestry, soils, and wildlife. Staff members provide presentations on the subject areas and resource information. Teams compete at the Southern Piedmont Envirothon Competition, with winning teams advancing to the North Carolina State Envirothon Competition. The top team from NC State Competition advances to the National Conservation Foundation Envirothon Competition.
This event tests the knowledge and skills in the areas of aquatics, current environmental issues, forestry, soils and wildlife. The event is held among the 12 counties in the Southern Piedmont of North Carolina and is available to all 6th - 12thgrade students from public, private and home schools. You are challenged to put together a team(s) to compete in a nationally recognized contest to see your students excel and be rewarded for their teamwork efforts. The Southern Piedmont Envirothon will be held at Catawba College Center for the Environment in March. The winning teams from this area event will then progress to the State Envirothon Competition at Cedar Rock Park in Alamance County in April.  Please call our office at 336-242-2075 for additional information or for assistance in preparing your team.
To learn more about the Envirothon please visit: 
Farm Tours and Field Days
Tours are conducted to sites of conservation interest for school and adult groups.  An annual tour is held in cooperation with the Davidson Soil & Water Conservation District, the Cooperative Extension Service, and the USDA-NRCS.  Approximately 60 attendees traveled with us to farms within the County to view and learn about the latest agricultural innovations and farming practices within different areas on various soil and site conditions, livestock operations, and best management practices that are being utilized by the producers.
Poster and Essay Contest
Contests for 6th grade students on topics related to soil and water conservation. This contest is intended to supplement classroom instructions. Staff members make presentations and resource materials are provided.    Prizes are presented to the winners of each contest. Winners advance to area and state competition.
Both contests are designed to supplement the instructions on natural resources as given in the classroom. The intent is to alert students to conservation principles and measures as they relate to each students life. It is the hope that some of these principles will be absorbed, carried forth in life, and be used by the individual for the betterment of our community. District winners in both contests will be entered in the Area VIII Essay and Poster Contests. Area VIII is made up of 12 counties and the Area VIII winners will be entered in the NC State Competition. Teachers are invited to call our office at to schedule a presentation for your class or group of classes. Your cooperation in teaching our young people conservation and your willingness to participate in our Poster & Essay Contest is greatly appreciated.
Poster and Essay Contest Themes Consist of:     Water.....The Cycle of Life,   The Living Soil,   Wetlands Are Wonderful,   We All Live In A Watershed,   Soil & Water....Yours For Life.  
Publications are provided on a wide variety of conservation subject matter.  Please call or come by our office for assistance.