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Collection Office 
Our office collects payment of all Davidson County property taxes.  Please look on your bill to see the due date.  Your bill must be paid on or before the due date to prevent interest.  If your bill becomes delinquent we may be forced to use enforced collection remedies as allowed by North Carolina General Statutes.

To make a payment using your credit/debit card please come into our office or visit or .  

You can also call 1-855-461-9799.  You will need the bill year, number, and amount to complete the transaction.  There is a nominal fee charged by Point & Pay for this transaction.   In office credit card payments can only be made in our Lexington Office.  

(Hours 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM, Monday-Friday)

This office is responsible for:
Bankruptcy Claims
Tax Foreclosure Sales
Wage Garnishments
County licenses for sale of beer and wine
Levies on rents, bank accounts etc.
Divided parcels (48 hour waiting period)
Escrow payments
Payment Contract Agreement

Satellite Offices
                   DENTON OFFICE: 201 W Salisbury St, Denton 8:30am - 4:00pm

Tax Collections can be reached by dialing 336-242-2180.  Fax number for Collections is 336-243-2894.