Lexington Circular Flex Route



This route leaves the main hub (Old Don May Building) on the hour. The first run is at 6:00AM and the last run is at 4:00PM. This run takes approximately 60 minutes from start to finish.


 Davidson County Transportation Hub- 945 N. Main St.

 Hemstead St

 Medical Ministries- 420 N. Salisbury St.

 Davidson Co-Operative Extension- 301 E. Center St; (CVS)

Church Street and MLK (only 6 & 7 AM runs)

Food Lion- Talbert (only 6 & 7 AM runs)

Kirkwood & Center Street (only 6 & 7 AM runs)

 (908) Fairview Dr. & Melrose Dr.

 Wal-Mart- 160 Lowes Blvd

 (814) Cotton Grove Rd. & Smith Ave.

 (200) Cotton Grove Rd. & Laurel Ave. (in front of Second Presbyterian Church)

 South Main- Southbound (Coggins)

 South Main- Southbound (Lexington Farm & Garden)  

 Lexington Medical Center

 South Main- Northbound (across from Lexington Farm & Garden) 

 South Main- Northbound (Stewart Physical Therapy)

 Compare & Save Food Store- 100 W. 9th Ave.

 (491) State St. & 6th Ave. (Cancer Center/ Library)

 Davidson County Courthouse- 110 W. Center St.

 Food Lion- Forest Hill Rd.

 Davidson County West Campus- 555 W. Center St. Ext. (Senior Center)

 Swing Dairy Rd. & Clark St.

 Big Lots- 227 W. 9th St.

 Davidson County Health Dept.- 913 Greensboro St.