Thomasville Circular Route



This route is intended to leave the Administrative Building (211 W. Colonial Dr) on the hour. The first run is at 6:00AM and the last run is at 5:00PM. This run takes approximately 60 minutes from start to finish.

1.      Davidson County Administrative Building- 211 W. Colonial Dr.

 Davidson County Ambulance Building- 115 W. Main St.

 Harper Park

2.      Central Rec. Center- 205 E. Main St.

 E. Main St. & Julian Ave.

 Church of God- 715 Blair St.

 Blair St. & Jordan St.

 Blair St. & Liberty Dr.

3.      Food Market (at the corner of Liberty & Trinity

 Liberty Dr. & Sunrise Ave.

 Liberty Dr. & Holly Hill Rd.

 Southgate Baptist Church- Liberty Dr.

& NC 62

 Liberty Dr. & Arthur Dr.

4.      Wal-Mart (beside Garden Center)

 SECU at Liberty Dr.

 CVS Pharmacy- 1131 Randolph St.

 Hardees- 1025 Randolph

 Walgreens- 1015 Randolph St

5.      Guys Family Pharmacy- 817 Randolph St.

 Little Caesars Pizza- 705 Randolph St.

 Hills Farm & Garden- 215 Randolph St.

 First Presbyterian Church- 215 Randolph St.

 Horner & Associates- 109 Salem St.

 Salem St. & Stadium Dr.

 Stop Food Mart- 801 Salem St.

 Grace Lutheran Church- 115 Unity

 Unity St. & Memorial Park Dr.

 Unity St. & Cox Ave.

6. Family Dollar- Natl HWY & Unity St.      

 Natl HWY & Culbreth Ave.

 Natl Hwy & E. Guilford St.

 E. Main & Maple Ave

 E. Main & College St.

 Professional Building- 50 E Main

 W. Main & Winston St.

7.      Thomasville Diner- 132 W. Main

 Lexington Ave. & Winston

 MLK & Davidson St.

 MLK & Community Park

 MLK & Doak Ct. Apts

8.      Thomasville Housing Authority on James Ave.

 James Ave & Salem St.

 Salem St. & Arlington

 Salem St & W. Guilford

9.      Davidson County Courthouse Building- 22 Randolph St.

 Rinker on Randolph St

 BBQ Shack- 706 Randolph St.

 Shell Service Station- 816 Randolph St.

 East Coast Wings & Grill- 920 Randolph St.

 Bo jangles- 1030 Randolph St.

 Arbys (Near K-Mart)-1126 Randolph St.

10. Wal-Mart (beside Garden Center

 Holly Hill & Liberty

 Holly Hill & Randolph

 Fisher Ferry & W. Holly Hill Rd

 Fisher Ferry & Polk St.

 Fisher Ferry & Pine St.