Davidson County Historical Museum


The H. Lee Waters Photograph Gallery
In 1927 Herbert Lee Waters purchased a photography studio on 118 1/2 South Main Street in Lexington, North Carolina.  The Davidson County Historical Museum has preserved his still image collection, and established the H. Lee Waters Photography Gallery and companion website.  The public can access an unprecedented set of images made by one photographer, in one county, for over half a century. 




Treasures from the Collection
Listen to their stories.  Treasures from the Collection features some of the museum's most intriguing artifacts and archival materials. Some of these objects were abandoned pieces of history before becoming part of the museum's permanent collection.  What may have happened to these objects had they not been preserved?  What tales of the past would have been lost?


Lexington...the County Seat Comes of Age   Lexington is named the county seat in 1824 and incorporated by the General Assembly in 1828. By it's 101st birthday, the city is straddling rail lines sparking local ambitions, and  will soon become a booming manufacturing center and hub of social and economic development. Learn about the county's socioeconomic emergence during 20th century industrialization in this exhibit featuring a diorama of Historic Uptown Lexington, a train in-motion, and more.