Historical Maps

Maps of Davidson County from UNC Map Collection

Map shows townships, ferries, landowners, mills, and churches.

Shows townships, churches, mills, schools, residences, stores, mines, roads and railroads, historic sites and natural features. Includes 3 inset maps: "Thomasville," "Yadkin College," and "A birds eye view of the town of Lexington.")

Shows churches, schools, mines, prospects, cemeteries, mills.

Map shows landowners, ferries, gold mines, copper mines, townships, mills, schools, churches, retail stores, county homes, rural mail routes, landowners, tenant houses, and public and private roads.

Map shows churches, schools, mills, mines, ferries, retail stores, cemeteries, creeks, rivers, roads, and railroads including the Southern Railway and Winston-Salem Southbound Railway

Symbols designate locations of churches, cemeteries, schools, manufacturing plants, mills, post offices, penal or correctional institutions, hospitals and homes

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