2023 Conservation Farm Family

2023 Conservation Farm Family - Seven Sisters Farm 

Michael and Janice Fine of Seven Sisters Farm were selected as our 2023 Conservation Farm Family.  They steward 25 acres in Denton to produce premium fruits and vegetables to feed local families. They have installed many soil and water conservation practices on their farm to be economically and ecologically sustainable as possible in order to enhance their produce production and marketing operation. 

They practice responsible use of natural resources, cover cropping, crop rotation, integrated pest management, use of regionally selected and bred seed varieties, mulching, and season extension techniques. Their farm is currently a three-season farm, and with the additions of high tunnels, they are working to produce fruits and vegetables to market year-round. 

Michael and Janice have added livestock to help with the nutrient management cycle and to improve soil conditions. Their perennials and permanent no-till beds help reduce land-use stress and reduces resource use. These practices improve the soil's health, suppress pests, limit the need for supplemental irrigation, and helps to move away from the use of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. All of these elements contribute towards the goal of providing affordable quality products to our community and strengthens our agricultural economy. Their produce, plants, and products can be purchased at their On-Farm Produce Stand. Michael and Janice are being recognized for their outstanding conservation efforts and for their contributions to our County.

For more information about their farm and produce stand hours, please visit their website at:  https://www.seven-sisters-farm.com