Food Lodging and Institutions

Food, Lodging, & Institutional Sanitation

This program provides environmental health investigations of restaurants, lodging, and institutional facilities in order to prevent illnesses which can be transmitted through improper sanitation. This is done through routine inspections, educational sessions, and reviewing plans and issuing permits for new facilities.

Food and Lodging Applications

Instructional Food Service Flyers

Child & Adult Day Care

This program inspects child and adult day care facilities two times per year in order to prevent accidents, food borne illnesses, or the spread of communicable disease. This program also provides continuing cooperation with Child and Adult Day Care Licensing Board located in Raleigh and Department of Social Services of Davidson County.

Child Care Plan Review Application

Public Pool & Spa

This program issues operating permits and carries out routine water quality evaluations in order to prevent disease transmission and accidents in public pools and spas. Access the Public Pool Permit Application, Pool Drain Safety Data Sheet and the Swimming Pool Plan Review Application (PDF).

Residential Care Inspection

This program prevents such public health problems as food borne illnesses and the spread of communicable diseases in residential care facilities by doing regular inspections and visitations for follow-up compliance.

Methamphetamine Labs

This program enforces state laws and rules for the clean up of methamphetamine laboratories where people reside. Owners of the affected property are required to submit a pre-decontamination plan and a post decontamination plan after the clean up. Environmental Health staff review the plans and place where people reside to protect future residents.

Childhood Lead Exposure

Provide screening for lead levels in all children less than six years of age. To work in conjunction with the Regional Environmental Health Specialist to conduct lead hazard investigations in child care centers, any dwelling occupied by a child less than six years of age with elevated blood lead level, order abatement of remediation of lead hazards identified, review and approve lead abatement plans, and conduct a lead abatement verification investigation.

Tattoo Parlor Regulations

This program inspects tattoo parlors and permits each artist. A separate permit application is required for each location the artist works. Inspections include the facility, record keeping, and communicable disease control issues, in order to protect the public's health. Access the Tattoo Artist Permit Application.