Vital Records

Vital Records is an essential activity of every public health agency. The data compiled is used in analysis of health trends, needs and problems in health education, in program planning, evaluation and in other areas. The goal of the Davidson County Vital Statistics Program is to carry out the statutory requirements regarding Vital Statistics in order to ensure that complete and accurate vital records are available for future analysis.

The Health Director serves as the local registrar with one Deputy Registrar and two assistant Deputy Registrars as back-up.

Registering Deaths & Births

Davidson County Vital Records Section registers all deaths and births which occur in Davidson County, as well as issuing Burial Transit Permits and Disinterment /Re-interment Permits. The hospital or medical facility where a birth occurs is responsible for filing a Certificate of Live Birth within 5 days with the Vital Records Program in the county where the birth occurred.

The funeral director or person acting as such is responsible for filing a Notification of Death within 24 hours and a Certificate of Death within 5 days with the Vital Records Section in the county where the death occurred. The procedure for registering death certificates is the same as birth registration.

It is the responsibility of the Deputy Registrar to examine each certificate for accuracy. After necessary corrections, changes are made and a copy of the certificate is forwarded to the local Register of Deeds. The original of all Vital Records is sent to the State Vital Records Branch where they are maintained permanently.

Home Birth

A Certificate of Live Birth for a baby born at home (home birth) must be filed through the Vital Records Program by scheduling an appointment with the Deputy Registrar.