General Adult Screenings

Screening and counseling provided to those 18 and older, including blood pressure, diabetes, hemoglobin, cholesterol and urine. Fees may apply.

Comprehensive Breast & Cervical Cancer Control

Provides free breast and cervical cancer screenings and follow up to eligible women.

Eligibility requirements include being uninsured or under insured, without Medicare Part B or Medicaid, between ages 40 to 64 for breast screenings and 21 to 64 for cervical screenings, and household income at or below 250% federal poverty level. Seen by appointment.

Family Planning

Provides education and counseling, clinical services, provision of birth control supplies and supportive social and medical follow up to residents interested in planning their families. Eligibility by income based on a sliding fee scale. Seen by appointment.


Provide Pregnancy testing (fees may apply) and assure prenatal care for eligible participants.

Eligible participants must be a Davidson County resident and have an income of less than 250% of the poverty level.

Diabetes Education

Available to all Davidson County residents. Information includes general medication and nutrition education.

Sickle Cell & Related Hemoglobin

Provides free testing and counseling for trait or disease.