Maternal & Child Health

Child Health services are provided to help Davidson County children grow, develop, and be healthy. This is accomplished through health promotion, prevention, early identification, treatment, and intervention.

  1. Postpartum / Newborn Home Visits
  2. Child Health Clinic
  3. Care Coordination for Children
  4. Sudden Infant Death Dyndrome

Counseling and support are provided to parents of newborns. Mothers and infants are assessed by nursing staff and referred for appropriate follow up if any problems are noted. You must be a Davidson County resident to participate.

  1. Childhood Lead
  2. Immunizations
  3. Pregnancy Care Management
  4. School Health

Free lead screening provided to all children in Davidson County less that 6 years old. Provide education and investigation into cases involving elevated lead levels. You must be a Davidson County resident.

For more information please contact Carol Conrad at 336-242-2311