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The following local history books about Davidson County are available for purchase and loan:

Davidson County by Ray Howell

Davidson County Book on Amazon

This pictorial retrospective features the stories and images of everyday life in the county, showcasing residents in the local classroom, workplace, and "out and about" in the county enjoying its beautiful landscape.

African Americans of Davidson County by Tonya Lanier

African Americans Davidson County by Tonya Lanier

African Americans were present in Davidson County long before it was officially formed from Rowan County in 1822. The exact time or place of settlement remains in question. They served not only in the stereotypical roles of farm laborers and house slaves but also as skilled traders, blacksmiths, furniture makers, and artisans. From Petersville, Southmont, Thomasville, Midway, Lexington, Belltown, Reeds, Churchland, and tiny areas in between, great men and women found a sense of stability. They made a life out of the scraps that were left behind. This collection of historical photographs is a textured look at African Americans in Davidson County. Images of community notables like A. B. Bingham, Charles England, Rev. A. T. Evans, and Etta Michael White and iconic structures like St. Stephen United Methodist Church, Dunbar High School, and the Hut, these photographs weave together stories that outline the African American journey.

Images of America: Lexington by Bo Bennett

Images of America - Lexington Book on Amazon

In Images of America: Lexington, Bo Bennett has compiled an entertaining and educational journey into the past from the collections of local residents and the Davidson County Historical Museum

Wicked Lexington

Wicked Lexington Book on Amazon

Nestled within the heart of North Carolina's Piedmont lies Lexington, a town with a history so iniquitous that few dare to tell the tales. Discover how a veritably unknown young singer named Elvis Presley wiggled and gyrated his way through town, and how the Jolly Black Widow claimed her third husband (and victim) in a string of doomed love affairs. It was here in Lexington that an obscene mail menace sent hundreds of depraved letters to wholesome families, and on a sleepy summer day, police seized nine barrels of illicit liquor only to be stolen back and imbibed by the original owners that night. Travel with local author Alice Sink down the streets of old-time Lexington.

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