Day Care for Children

Program Overview

The Davidson County Child Care Subsidy Program assists parents in affording safe, legal, quality child care. This program supports eligible parents with child care subsidy assistance so they can either work or attend school. Subsidy assistance can also be provided for children who need child care due to a special need or family circumstance. The program supports the NC Division of Child Development Child Care star rating system that encourages parents to choose higher quality child care settings for their children. Generally, children may receive child care subsidy assistance until they turn 13, but in special situations, they may remain eligible until they are 18.

Care is provided in licensed Child Day Care Centers and Family Care Homes. The parent's fee for care is based upon the number of family members and the gross family income. Parents are encouraged to use the NC Child Care star rating system in order to choose a quality day care setting for their children. Applications for this program are only taken at the Lexington office.


Davidson County Social Services does not discriminate in the provision of services to all qualified persons.