1. Administration

    The Davidson County Sheriff's Office administration plays a vital role in the public safety of Davidson County. The Sheriff and his three Majors make up the administrative division of the Sheriff's Office.

  2. Animal Control

    The Animal Control Division, led by Lieutenant W. Howell, is responsible for picking up domesticated animals, enforcement of the Davidson County animal ordinance, and investigating animal cruelty complaints.

  3. Civil Division

    The Civil Division, led by Major B. Louya, is responsible for the service of court-issued orders for civil judgments, subpoenas, jury pool notification, and courtroom security.

  4. Detention Center

    The Davidson County Jail, led by Captain T. Rabon and Captain R. Phillips, maintains an average of 280 inmates daily.

  5. Patrol Division

    The Patrol Division, led by Captain J. Hull, provides law enforcement services 24 hours a day, every day of the year, to the citizens of Davidson County.

  6. Investigations Division

    The Investigations Division is comprised of CID and SID led by both Captain S. Murphy and Captain M. Burns, comprised of Detectives, VICE / Narcotics Detectives, Crime Scene Investigations, Sex Offender Registry Unit, Warrant Squad, and the TRACE Unit.

  7. Technical Services

    The Technical Services Division consists of units that provide specialized support to the citizens of Davidson County.

  8. Specialized Units

    Here you will find descriptions of the Canine Unit, Special Emergency Response Team, Honor Guard, Motorcycle Unit, and Lake Patrol.

  9. Chaplains

    Chaplain - Sergeant B. Louya

  10. Assistant Chaplain -  D. Wooten