Motorcycle Unit

The primary duty of our motorcycle team is to assist patrol and other sections in the Sheriff’s Office as needed. The primary concentration for our team is on community-oriented programs and being an assist unit for other uniformed officers. 

Our Motorcycle Team conducts escorts involving governmental or dignitary personnel, funerals and other special events which are approved by the Sheriff. We regularly escort events such as the annual Special Olympics Torch Run, Hospice for Angels, Tour de Pig, Tour de Tanglewood, Allison's Ride as well as others. We regularly participate in local parades such as Veterans Day, Memorial Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We participate in Christmas Parades in Lexington, Thomasville, Midway and Denton.

Our team has two fully dressed Police equipped Harley Davidson’s and three active members. Our team members are dedicated to furthering the Sheriff’s Office connectivity with the schools and communities we serve. We participate in community-based events such as National Night Out and other school and neighborhood based community outreach programs.

Team participation is on a voluntary basis and each member has other duties while not being utilized in a motor unit capacity, a large portion of their participation is during the weekend. 

The Sheriff’s Office Motorcycle Team members and local allied agencies train monthly. Motor units attend a rigorous yearly qualifications course.

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