Each Bailiff will declare the entry of the Judge into the courtroom and keep order during judicial proceedings, ensuring people attending do not communicate with the Jury. The Bailiff announces the courtroom rules and enforces those rules. Bailiffs also escort prisoners to and from the court, handle evidence, ensure the Judges have all necessary case files and supplies, and swear in witnesses.

Lieutenant John (Chris) Long with the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office is focused on building relationships throughout the Courthouse with all the different entities that we work with every day. He hopes to continue to develop new ideas for security and procedures in our newly constructed portion of the Courthouse. 

Lieutenant John (Chris) Long worked as a Detention officer for 5 years when he began his career. He has a great understanding and respect for the work that is involved with being a Detention officer. 

Lieutenant John (Chris) Long was also an SRO in a middle school for 3 years where he enjoyed showing kids the real side of Police Officers. And, worked Patrol for a year after being an SRO. He then gravitated back to the Civil Division as that schedule was the best interest for his family. 

Lieutenant John (Chris) Long has been married for 20 years to my beautiful wife and have 3 Boys 17, 15, and 9.

He is an avid golfer and enjoys chasing the white ball around most weekends.