2017 Resource Conservation Workshop


2017 RCW Richard TysingerA Resource Conservation Workshop is held each summer on the Campus of NC State University in Raleigh. The event is a week of intensive study focusing on the management of natural resources and requires students’ participation in a wide range of conservation topics. The Davidson District co-sponsored the workshop with the NC Soil and Water Conservation Commission, NC Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts, and the NC Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society of America.

The District sponsored one student to attend the workshop on June 25th – June 30th. Richard Tysinger, a rising junior at Davidson County Homeschool represented the District at the Workshop. He met with other students from across the state and the participants received guidance from natural resource professionals to win cash awards and scholarship money. Students learned about soil characteristics, soil conservation, wildlife, fisheries management, forest management, air quality, non-agricultural uses for soils, water quality and watershed management. Richard and his parents were invited to our Annual Awards Banquet and reported on their experiences during the workshop.