Stephen Pace, Chief Deputy

Chief Deputy Stephen L. Pacegraduated from West Davidson High School in 1986 then graduated from DavidsonCounty Community College with a degree in Criminal Justice in 1989. He startedhis career with the Lexington Police Department in 1989 and recently retiredfrom The North Carolina State Highway Patrol at the rank of First Sergeant.

While on the police department, he was on patrol the majority of his time andwas a member of the Special Operations Unit. While on the Highway patrol, heserved as a road trooper from 2000-2008, then he was promoted to the rank ofsergeant in 2008 and was assigned to Gaston County. He later transferred toRowan/Davie County then served Davidson County as a sergeant from 2009-2015. Hewas promoted to the rank of First Sergeant in 2015 and was assigned toChatham/Lee County. He transferred to Rowan County in June of 2016 and remainedthere until he retired on May 1st, 2018.

Chief Deputy Pace has attended severalleadership schools throughout his 30 years of service including NCSHP FirstLine Supervisor, A.O.M.P. (N.C. State University) and F.B.I. LEEDA. He wassworn in on December 3rd, 2018 as The Chief Deputy with the DavidsonCounty Sheriff’s Office.”