2018 Conservation Farm Family


Congratulations to Kent and Sam Beck of Beckland Farm for being selected as our 2018 Conservation Farm Family for this year.  He was chosen for his willingness to try new practices, his leadership within the farming community, and his progressive thinking for incorporating technology with agriculture.  

The Beck Farm was established in 1856 by Solomon Beck.  Kent has installed many modern agriculture practices on the farm to conserve and protect the soil and improve water quality.  Kent is recognized for implementing sound innovative and cost effective conservation techniques, and for being proactive in keeping up with the latest technologically and advanced agricultural practices.  

He uses best management practices, precision fertilization, pasture management with livestock exclusion, alternative water supply, and manages heavy use areas well.  The Beck's have cattle, miniature donkeys, and horses. Like most farmers, Kent is striving to preserve our land.  They were honored at our Annual Awards Banquet.