Computer Use Policy

  1. The internet and computers are for use by anyone at no charge, during regular library house.
  2. Library staff members are available to assist patrons of all ages with information literacy.  Users are encouraged to have basic knowledge of how to use a computer and the internet.
  3. Computer Care:
    1. Users that possess a library card and have internet permission can independently log themselves into the computer for an internet session.  If they do not have a library card, they can check in with a library staff member to register for an internet session.  If they need additional time after their initial session, they may check with library staff members for extended available time.  After the session is completed, the patron is responsible for logging out all programs and their internet session.
    2. A user who borrows computers, electronic devices, and accessories from the library accepts responsibility for the item while in his/her possession.
    3. Users may be required to give keys and/or driver's license while borrowing library owned devices.
    4. Please do not save anything to the actual computer.  While we try to erase any patron documents left on the desktop, the library is not responsible for personal information left on any public computer.
    5. Users are expressly FORBIDDEN to copy library-owned commercial software.  The library will make every effort to abide by copyright restrictions in the use of software.  Patrons are not to download software, stream media, or make any other use of online content that violates current copyright laws.  Patrons violating any copyright law can lose their computer privileges.
    6. Only scheduled users and one other person (as space allows) are permitted at the computer at one time.  The person using the computer must be the person whose library card or ID was used to obtain access.
  4. Printing:

There will be a charge of $.20 cents per page for black and white printouts; $.40 for color printouts, not to exceed 25 pages per patron per day for color.  There will be a limit of ten pages per day for wireless printing due availability of printer.

Internet Acceptable Use and Agreement

The mission of the Davidson County Public Library is to provide all citizens with access to Internet resources covering a broad range of informational, educational, and recreational areas.  The Internet expands the library system's ability to offer resources not available within or affordable to its own individual libraries.  Digital resources account for a growing amount of the library's collection, and public computers help us to equitably deliver this content to our community.  Internet users must be aware that libraries have no control over information accessed on the open Internet, nor can they guarantee that such information is authoritative, complete, current or accurate.  Some materials may be offensive, explicit, contain strong language and/or violence.  Users should be aware that the Internet is not a secure medium and that third parties may be able to obtain information regarding users' activities.  AS with other library materials, supervision of a child's access to the Internet is the responsibility of the parent and/or guardian.

All users of the Davidson County Public Library System's Internet must read, understand and accept the rules governing the use of the library's Internet and sign a statement of agreement before each session.  Those users who are under 18 years of age must obtain a parent's or guardian's signature and consent before their first usage of the internet.  Parents of minor children are responsible for their child's use of the Internet through the library's connection.  Each person must give a driver's license (for users 18 and older) or library card with Internet permission (for users under 18) for identification before signing up to use the Internet.

Rules of Use

General Users of the Internet shall:

  1. Recognize that the primary purpose for library computer/internet use is for educational or informational purposes.
  2. Obey laws and regulations regarding copyright and software licenses.
  3. Pay $.20/page for black and white printouts and $.40/page for color printouts.
  4. Internet time is guaranteed for 1-hour.  This is to maximize availability of the Internet for all users.  Additional time will be based on computer availability at each respective branch.
  5. Acknowledge that the library assumes no liability for any loss or damage to the user's data or for any damage or injury arising from invasion of privacy in the user's account, programs or files.
  6. The library has no control over Internet resources and that the information may or may not be reliable or current.  Some material may be offensive, explicit, contain strong language and/or violence.  Also, the internet may at times be unavailable.
  7. Users with library cards and internet permissions may initiate their own sessions.  If a patron does not have their own library card, they may register their internet session with library staff.  Users are NOT to shut down computers.
  8. Notify library staff immediately of any problems, whether hardware or software related.

Public Wireless Internet Access

The Davidson County Public Library provides access to the internet via a wireless network (Wi-Fi) for patrons to use with their own personal devices, understanding that:

  • Wi-Fi access is unsecured.  Users assume the risk of exposure to harmful software (viruses, malware, etc.), and any other compromise of their security and privacy while using the network.
  • Patrons using library provided Wi-Fi must follow the Internet Rules of Use and any additional rules published with this policy.
  • Patrons are responsible for having the proper hardware, software, and network settings on their wireless device to connect to the library provided Wi-Fi.
  • The library is not responsible for any theft, damage, or misuse of patrons' computing devices or peripherals and other mobile devices while the devices are in use in the library.

Unacceptable Use

  1. Internet resources may be used only for educational or informational purposes that are legal and consistent with the library's mission as described above.
  2. Unacceptable uses include but are not limited to:
    1. Any purposes prohibited by federal or state law.
    2. Sending, receiving, displaying text, files, or images of any type that are pornographic, obscene, offensive or disruptive.  The county network employs measures to monitor and restrict such success.
    3. Damaging, altering or adding computer equipment, systems, or software; or deliberately creating or propagating computer viruses; or adding or altering bookmarks.
    4. Using the library's connection for purposes of libel, slander, harassment, or for unauthorized access or disclosure of sensitive information.
    5. Downloading and saving files to the library computers' hard drives.  Files may be downloaded to the user's thumb drive or similar device.
    6. Gambling
  3. No more than two people at a computer (as space allows).  Working jointly at the computers may not be used to extend time limits.  The person whose library card or ID was used to obtain computer access must be the person at the keyboard.
  4. Misuse of computers or Internet access will result in an oral warning to stop the behavior in question.  If misuse continues, the user will be asked to leave the library for the day.  Subsequent misuse may result in the permanent loss of computer privileges.