Crime Victim Rights Information

Marsy’s Law ensures that victims of crime have equal, constitutional rights on the same level as those accused and convicted of crimes. Click on the link below to visit Marsy's Law website and learn more about victims' rights in North Carolina.

Marsy's Law

Two forms have been created to assist law enforcement with gathering victim information to comply with the requirements of Marcy's Law. These forms can be printed and submitted to the Sheriff's Office when or if the need arises.  These forms can be submitted to the Sheriff's Office through the following email address:


Law Enforcement Crime Victim Rights Form - Please fill out the bottom section.  If you are the parent/guardian of the victim, please fill the form out in their name, have them sign if they are able, and YOU as the parent/guardian also sign the form.

Crime Victims' Rights Act Victim Information Sheet - Please only fill out the middle section labeled Victim Information.  The rest will be filled out as the information becomes available.

Victim's Rights Forms