2021  davidson county REVALUATION

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                                                   2021 DAVIDSON COUNTY REVALUATION

Revaluation is the process by which all property tax values within a taxing jurisdiction are revalued to their market value as of a specific effective date. It is also sometimes called a mass appraisal.  The overall purpose of a Reappraisal is to achieve Uniformity and Equalization in the administering of the property tax.  It is not to increase revenues or to provide tax breaks, but to fairly, equally, and uniformly appraise the real property at its true value in money.  Equalized values create equalized and uniform taxes.  Equalization ensures each taxpayer is paying only his or her fair share.

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                                                           Why do you have a revaluation?

The State of North Carolina requires counties to conduct a revaluation at least once every eight years. The purpose of the revaluation is to redistribute the tax burden based on property value.
                                                             Will all property values change?
Most likely, yes. However, not all property values will change at the same percentage. Market value may have increased or decreased more for some neighborhoods than others. The revaluation reflects changes that have occurred since the last revaluation.
                                                           When does the revaluation take effect?
The resulting values will be effective as of January 1, 2021. The assessment will be the basis for the tax bills that will be mailed in July of 2021.
                                                            How can I find out my new value?
The Tax Assessors Office will be mailing the “Notice of Assessed Value” to all taxpayers who own real property in Davidson County. Notices are expected to be mailed on or about February 5, 2021. The Davidson County GIS website has also been updated with the new values. 
                                                           What if I don’t receive a notice?
Notices were mailed to the last known address of each property owner in Davidson County. If you did not receive a notice, please call the Tax Assessors Office at 336-242-2160 or send an email to: https://www.co.davidson.nc.us/formcenter/Contact-Us-4/Contact-Us-Form-43 to verify your address. We will be happy to assist you in receiving your notification of assessed value.
                                                 What if I disagree with the new assessed value?
Instructions for appeal will be included with your assessment notice. The first level of appeal is an Informal Review hearing.  An Informal Review allows you and a County Appraiser to review the property record and supporting information together.  If an error is found, it can be corrected without having to make a Formal Appeal.  

   As of April 29, 2022, the appeal period has expired for the Tax Year 2022.  
 Any appeal submitted after this date will be reviewed for Tax Year 2023.

       You can submit an online Informal Appeal by clicking on the icon below.   

Please enter your parcel identification number that is provided in the upper right corner of your notice.  

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                          What if I still disagree with the assessed value after the informal appeal?
The second level of appeal is a Formal Hearing conducted by the Davidson County Board of Equalization and Review. Taxpayers must schedule an appointment with the county appraiser. Information will be included in your decision letter from your informal appeal concerning your right to appeal to the next level. The third level of appeal is with the Property Tax Commission which is a division of the North Carolina Department of Revenue.
                                           How much will my tax bill increase or decrease?                                                                  The Davidson County Board of Commissioners, by law, set the tax rate. The tax rate will be applied to the new values established as of January 1, 2022. The tax rate will not be set until the budget process is complete, typically in late June. The tax bills for 2022 will be mailed in July 2022 and will be due on September 1, 2022. They are payable without interest until January 6, 2023.