Purchasing Policies

Purchasing is guided by high ethical standards, we support and facilitate the acquisition of goods and services, while promoting fair and open competition to obtain the best value for the County. The Davidson County Purchasing Department's primary purpose is to obtain the necessary commodities and services required by Davidson County Departments on a best value basis (quality, service and price). 

Purchasing also fulfills this purpose by dealing with every supplier in an open, above board, fair, equal, businesslike and competitive manner. The procurement procedures adhere to the North Carolina General Statutes and Davidson County Purchasing Policies.

Informal Verses Formal Purchases

The department analyzes purchases to maximize the use of each tax dollar. Most purchases are made informally via telephone or facsimile communication. 

Other purchases are made formally by written requests for quotations, requests for proposals, and invitations-for-bid. The method used is based on dollar value, urgency, and complexity of the procurement.