Museum Conduct

For a positive and safe experience for visitors, please observe the following museum guidelines.


This building is monitored by CCTV. Adults must accompany children at all times. Do not enter areas that are roped off or indicated as no entry. If you are unsure about a particular area please ask museum staff for assistance.

Please Do Not Touch the Artifacts

There are many opportunities to get very close to historic objects as you learn about them but unless noted otherwise, please refrain from touching artifacts and print photography. Exposure to oils, residues and stress put these valuable items at risk.


Photography is not permitted in the H. Lee Waters Photography Gallery. Reproduction of images in all exhibits is not permitted without written consent. Upon request, museum staff will be happy to take a group photo to help document your visit.

Food or Beverages

No food or beverages are allowed.

Thank you for helping us protect the Historic Courthouse and Museum Collections. We hope you enjoy your visit. If you have further questions, please contact the museum and we will be happy to assist you.