About Us

Our Mission

Empower, Engage, and Encourage the Aging Population of Davidson County

Aging Empowered!!


Senior Services operates as a county department under the authority of the Davidson County Board of Commissioners.  


Senior Services is charged to establish an efficient and effective service delivery system meeting the needs of a rapidly growing older and disabled adult population. 


This is done through a series of comprehensive services and programs designed to improve the quality of life for older and disabled adults by: 


· supporting frail older and disabled adults in their preference to be cared for at home 


· improving/maintaining the physical and mental health status of older and disabled adults


· enabling older and disabled adults to maintain/regain independent functioning 


· assisting older and disabled adults and persons acting on behalf of older adults with accessing needed services and information 


· providing relief to caregivers of older and disabled adults so they may continue their caregiving responsibilities 


· providing community service opportunities for older and disabled adults 


Funding for Senior Services is derived from local, state, and federal funds, consumer contributions, sponsorships, grants and community donations.