Surplus Property

Items declared surplus to the County's needs are disposed by means of public auction.

To bid on our surplus items go to to view Davidson County Government's surplus items online.


  • 1. Authority. (G.S. 160A-266) Sale at public auction may be used for the sale of any real or personal property of whatever value. 
  • 2. Procedure. Real Property. As set forth in G.S. 160A-270a is as follows: 
    • a. Board must adopt a resolution authorizing the sale. The resolution must contain the following information: 
      • 1. Description of property to be sold. 
      • 2. The date, time, and place of the auction. 
      • 3. Terms of the sale 
      • 4. Stating that any offer or bid must be accepted and confirmed by the council before the sale will be effective. 
      • 5. Notice that a bid deposit will be required if the board so determines. 
    • b. The board shall publish a notice of the sale at least once not less than 30 days before the date of the sale. 
    • c. The published notice should contain all the information included in the authorizing resolution and refer to that resolution. 
    • d. After the auction is held the highest bid is reported to the board. 
    • e. The board shall accept or reject the bid within 30 days thereafter. 
  • 3. Procedure. Personal Property. The procedure set forth in G.S. 160A-270(b), is as follows: 
    • a. The board at regularly meeting authorizes (by resolution) an appropriate official to dispose of identified property at public auction. 
    • b. The resolution or order shall: Identify the property Set out the date, time and place of sale Set out terms of sale 
    • c. Resolution or order (or summary) must be published at least once not less than 10 days before the auction.