Medical Assistance (Medicaid)

Social Services determines eligibility for several Medical Assistance Programs (¿Qué es Medicaid?) based on a variety of guidelines, primarily in the areas of income, financial resources, living arrangements, and in some cases, medical conditions. Most benefits are provided through Medicaid and recipients receive their benefits each month in the form of a card that is taken to the medical provider, who then bills the state for payment. Benefits can include:

  • Dental Care
  • Doctor Visits
  • Eye Care Services
  • Hospital Care
  • Prescriptions

Medicaid Groups

  • Adult caretakers of children
  • Children from birth through age 20
  • The Community Alternative Program (CAP) for those at risk for facility placement who want to remain at home
  • Elderly, Blind, and Disabled Adults who wish to remain at home
  • Pregnant Women
  • Those in nursing or adult care homes

Other Programs

For those who don't qualify for Medicaid, Social Services also takes applications for several other programs, each with their own specific eligibility guidelines:

  • "Be Smart" Family Planning Program: Services related to family planning. View more on the "Be Smart" Family Planning Program.
  • Medicare-Aid Individuals who have Medicare coverage may be eligible to have their Medicare premiums paid by the state. At Social Services, this program is called "MQB."
  • NC Health Choice for Children: Children who are under age 19 may qualify for free or low cost health insurance if they are uninsured and if the family income is higher than the Medicaid limits but less than 200% of the poverty level. There is no limit on resources. The coverage is similar to that of Medicaid. Eligible children receive a card which is valid for one year (unless they move out of state or become insured through another source).
  • Medicare and Prescription Help: Medicare beneficiaries are eligible for the extra help if they have limited income and resources. The extra help can increase their cost savings by paying for part of the monthly premiums, annual deductibles and prescription co-payments under the new prescription drug program. The extra help could be worth more than $3,300 per year. Apply directly with the Social Security Administration.

How to Apply

You can apply for this program online. However, it is recommended that you come to Social Services to apply because the day you come in is your "eligibility date." (If you use the online application, submitting it locks your eligibility date, but it is currently taking longer to process online applications.) You may also obtain a paper application to complete and return to Social Services; your eligibility date, however, is the date your completed and signed application is received. For helpful information about applying, review What to Bring to Apply page.

There are two different applications. One for single adults with no spouse or children in the home; the second one is for all others. Which one do you need? Applications can only be mailed to Davidson County Residents or representatives of Davidson County residents. Come by either Social Services office and pick one up or call 336-242-2500 and request that one be mailed to you.

Email us at to request an application, submit recertications, provide information or ask questions. 

Returning a completed (and signed) paper application:

  • Drop it off at the nearest local Social Services office. You will not need to see a worker.
  • Mail it in (remember that your eligibility date is the day it is received at Social Services, not when it is postmarked):
    Davidson County Social Services
    P.O. Box 788
    Lexington, NC 27293
  • Email to


Davidson County Social Services does not discriminate in the provision of services to all qualified persons.