Gift Policy

The Davidson County Public Library encourages the interest and involvement of citizens and organizations through bequests, trusts and donations of monetary or other tangible assets for Library purposes.

In general, the Davidson County Public Library welcomes gifts of money, books and other materials, equipment, works of art, documents, photographs or property of any kind which promotes the mission of the library.  The library reserves the right to refuse any gift that the director and/or the Board of Library Trustees deem to be not in the best interest of the library to accept.  

If a gift is accepted by the library, the gift shall be final; no restrictions on the library's ownership, possession, use or disposition of the gift shall be effective.

Income tax regulations leave the determination of the gift's monetary value to the donor.  Donors wishing to have an appraisal of their gifts for income tax purposes must do so prior to donation.  A gift agreement form may be obtained for the donor's tax records at their request.  

Any gift materials may be processed and added to the library's collection if they fall within the guidelines of the collection development policy.  They can be used to replace worn library copies, sent to other library branches in the system or sold to help purchase items needed by the library.  Examples of materials generally not to be taken as donations include: items either outdated or in poor physical condition, textbooks, old encyclopedias, old medical books and magazines older than five years.

Please see Resource Selection Policy for more information.

Memorial/Honor Gifts

The Library welcomes monetary gifts for purchase of materials for the collections given in recognition or memory of individuals or organizations.  Honor or memorial gifts should be made payable to the Davidson County Public Library.

A memorial/honor card is to be completed including the name of the donor, the names and addresses of the friend(s) or relative(s) to be notified of the donation (no more than 4 such notifications per item), amount paid, type of material requested, and the subject or title preferences designated.