Soil & Water Conservation District

Who Benefits From Our Services

Farmers, engineers, land use planners, developers, builders, educators and home owners can all benefit from the services of Davidson Soil and Water Conservation District. We assess conservation problems on the local level, set priorities for conservation work, and coordinates federal, state, and local resources to carry out the programs. 

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An annual plan of work is developed based on long range goals. Technical and funding assistance is provided by federal, state and local government. The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service, a federal agency, is the working partner of the District.

Types of Services

We provide recommendations on controlling erosion around homes, businesses, urban settings, as well as agricultural land. We provide assistance in solving drainage and runoff problems in urban and rural settings, establishing vegetation, pond construction and management problems, and general land use needs.

We provide soils information for the entire County. Information is available on soil suitability for farming, forestry, housing, businesses, septic fields, ponds, and any other major land use. Also, aerial, topographic, and soils maps are all available for the public in our office.

Pressing Problems

The District’s most pressing problems currently are: 

  • Development pressures
  • Land use planning
  • Loss of farmland
  • Soil erosion
  • Water quality

Call our office at 336-242-2075 for more information or assistance.

Agriculture & Conservation Assistance

If you are interested in putting conservation practices on the ground, please stop by our office for information on the State and Federal Programs. Federal Programs available are Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP) and Conservation Reserve Program (CRP). State Programs available are North Carolina Agricultural Cost Share Program for Water Quality Improvement on Agricultural Land, Community Conservation Assistance Program for closure of abandon wells, and Agricultural Water Resource Assistance Program. 

Programs can provide assistance with erosion, and assist animal operations (in existence for minimum of 3 years) with animal waste and mortality management. Practices that State and Federal Programs can assist with are fencing livestock out of watercourses, grazing systems, watering facilities, cover crops, precision nutrient management, and animal waste storage facilities just to name a few.