Voluntary Agricultural District Assistance

Agriculture is a vital part of the economy of Davidson County, and agricultural land provides many benefits to the citizens of the County. The number of farms and the acreage participating in the Davidson County Voluntary Agricultural District (VAD) continues to grow as landowners recognize the advantages of being involved in the program. More than 14,966.7 acres on 404 parcels are currently participating in the VAD.

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The Davidson County VAD was created to:

  • Promote agricultural and environmental values and the general welfare of the County by increasing identity and pride in the agricultural community and its way of life
  • Encourage the economic health of agriculture
  • Increase protection from non-farm development and other negative impacts on properly managed farms


Participating farms receive signage to increase the visibility of agricultural and farming operations in their communities, the rights to public hearings when participating land is proposed for condemnation, and water and sewer assessments are held in abeyance until connections are made to the system. The public benefits by having open space preserved, economic diversity, and increased availability of locally produced agricultural commodities.

Farm and forest owners benefit through the increased awareness of their operations and the benefits these operations provide. Participation allows land owners increased opportunities for input when development and agriculture conflicts, and protection from water and sewer assessments on lands that do not utilize the utilities.

Citizens of Davidson County will derive many benefits from your farmland or forestland: clean water and air, plant and animal habitat, fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products, horticultural produces, and scenic rural vistas.


Landowners who qualify for inclusion in the VAD are invited to join. Applications for the Voluntary Agricultural District are available in the Davidson SWCD Office and the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Office. We will be glad to help you complete your application.

Advisory Board

The VAD Advisory Board investigates the advantages of expanding to an enhanced VAD.