No-Till Drill

Davidson Soil and Water Conservation District has a no-till grass drill for rent to farmers in Davidson County to re-establish pasture and hay land. The drill is a Truax Flex II 88 and is available to rent for $12 per acre. Operating the drill requires at least a 40-horsepower tractor with hydraulic capability. Seeding width is 5.3 feet which makes it ideal for small beef cattle farms. 

The overall transport width is 8 feet. The drill weighs 3,000 pounds and can be towed on the highway by a pickup truck. The drill is capable of planting small seeds (clover, legumes), fluffy seeds (native warm season grasses), cool season grasses, small grain, millet and soybeans. 

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Contact Information

Call us at 336-242-2075 or come by our office to schedule a rental time to use the drill.