Technical Assistance

The staff of the Davidson Soil and Water Conservation District is available to provide technical assistance on a wide variety of conservation measures both for the agricultural and non-agricultural land user. These services include resource inventory and evaluation, conservation planning, designing conservation measures, construction supervision, and consultation on almost any natural resource issue.

Some examples of items that assistance is provided for:

  • Agricultural
  • Conservation Tillage  
  • Critical Area Planting  
  • Drainage
  • Erosion Control Measures  
  • Farm Conservation Plans  
  • Forest Land Management  
  • Grassed Waterways
  • Nutrient Management Plans  
  • Permanent Vegetative Establishment  
  • Soil Interpretations
  • Strip Cropping  
  • Timber Stand Improvement  
  • Tree Planting  
  • Urban and Suburban Areas  
  • Waste Management Systems for Livestock  
  • Wildlife Habitat Management

Conservation Practice Design

Designs are prepared for a wide variety of conservation measures.

Construction Supervision of Conservation Measures

Supervision is provided during the construction of conservation measures that have been designed by the District staff. Construction checks are completed to verify that the installation meets the design criteria.

Inventory & Evaluation

Staff members visit sites with land users to determine specific needs and opportunities. Recommendations are presented to address the land users concern.  

Note: These services are open to the public and are provided by Davidson County Soil and Water Conservation District.

We offer many other natural resource conservation and improvement measures!